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Dock & Charge enables you to leverage your tablet estate, wherever your workforce operate

Dock & Charge is a flexible tablet mounting solution that turns a static work station into a mobile platform, in an instant, bringing connectivity, mobility and tablet security. Integrated power management with a choice of mounting options provide stability for charging and network connection.


Dock & Charge configuration

Dock & Charge is available for Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets and is compatible with a wide range of accessories to extend your functionality.


Ideal enterprise mobility solution for applications that require both static and mobile operator use

  • Fast, secure and seamless locking and charging of the product
  • Multi-tablet: one enclosure fits six different tablets
  • Protects the hardware from theft and abuse
  • Combines the advantages of both fixed and mobile user environments
  • Easy to use hand grip
  • Mounts and charges itself and additional devices via MicroUSB, e.g. payment devices
  • Suitable for several markets and verticals
  • Compatible with peripherals, hand strap and shoulder strap
  • Fits recent product range and design line
  • Compatible with: Apple iPad Air & Air 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Tab S, Tab S2 & Tab A


Modular and upgradable

Dock & Charge uses a unique internal system that allows different tablets to fit in the enclosure by simply changing the silicone attachments located in the corner of the frame. This gives Dock & Charge flexibility for future tablet upgrades without changing existing hardware.

Perfect for mPOS applications

Uniquely, Dock & Charge allows full integration with a mobile payment terminal whether the application is static or mobile, and in the cradle, provides simultaneous charge for both tablet and payment terminal, alike.

Use Dock & Charge across multiple applications

Dock & Charge provides an effective solution that leverages the unique possibilities tablet devices offer in a multitude of customer facing applications.

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